Like a secret journey.

Travel is a matter of renewal, restoration and reward for this artist in flight.

Music and travel photographer Salvador Ochoa’s freedom of movement is a ritual steeped in monastic discipline and lifelong adventure as voyager. As a child, he could put his hands on the globe and could feel the relief of the Himalayan mountains. Un hombre sincero de Michoacán by birth and a global citizen by profession. He is a beloved artist known affectionately as ‘0cho’ by those who have had the pleasure of working closely in creative collaboration.

The man reflects all the high-altitude sensibilities of a Photo Sherpa. This is easily illustrated by Ocho’s singular work ethic, uncommon humility and his uniquely Mexicain sense of humor. His raison d’être is found in the generous heavy lifting with pleasure so others may better realize their goals through the sympathetic lens of one who listens with both intensity and intelligence.

Everywhere is home if you are nomadic.

Everyone is related if you are open hearted.

Everything is beautiful if you have the vision.